If you can dream it, we can help you design and build it!

Why start with JayWest when planning and designing your home?

Because you will have endless opportunities to customize your home as we work together to ensure a functional layout and a home that meets your needs.

Read more below about our step by step approach to guiding you through the home building process.

We can help guide you through planning and design

  • Plan & Budget

    Budget can be a tough conversation, but it is an extremely important one. There are many costs to consider when building a custom home, which is why we provide an in-depth budget worksheet at the start of every project. We want you to go into your build completely comfortable with your finances.

  • Designing Your Home

    We strive to keep the design process comfortable and completely flexible. Our 3D design process provides an accurate feel for flow and space, and you are able to see changes as you request them. We know the end result will be everything you imagined and more.

  • Engineered Design

    Our designers will turn your dream home design into a functional set of blueprints, ready to be engineered to the highest standards. We ensure every aspect of your design meets our exacting requirements, and since it is all done in-house, it translates into savings for you.

Visualize your home in real time 3D

One of our biggest challenges was helping our Clients visualize exactly what their home will look like.

With 3D visualization, this is a problem of the past.

Our 3D software enables you to view the house from every angle, see how it is situated on your property, walk through it, and even sit on your couch. The 3D rendering is photorealistic so you can get an accurate feel for room size and ceiling height.

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