A Company Built Upon Values & Hard Work

Our Core Values

Passionately working with each Client to build their dream home.

At JayWest, working hard is a family tradition. It’s also a value shared by our dedicated employees and construction services teams. We’re not just giving you a materials package or a design – we’re creating your home. We’re on your team from start to finish; our highly experienced team works to make sure you have what you need to build your house – from planning straight through to lock up. We’re flexible, too. It might take some time to get your design just right, or you might change your mind on the colour of siding you want. We’ll adapt to your needs – our first priority is making sure you’re happy with the result.

Over 25 Years of Experience.

Designing & building Custom Homes for over 25 years.

We can provide you with the best materials on the market, including export-grade lumber, engineered super-windows, and more (see our features page). But our job doesn’t stop there – we work with you to customize and create the home you’ve always dreamed of.

Family Roots

Roots as rich as the farming traditions they grew from.

JayWest’s is a family story that now spans two generations, from Jaye McManes to his son, Coulter McManes. Raised in small town Alexander, Manitoba, Jaye moved to Calgary, Alberta in 1981. There, he laid the groundwork for a business that continues to grow in success and commitment alike – beginning with over 25 years in designing and building Custom Homes.